Mount-Royal Park, Montreal17 Feb 2016

Mount-Royal Park, Montreal

Mount-Royal Park, at the same name hill, is one of the places you must definitely visit in Montreal. This mountain is in the middle of the city, it’s visible almost from every part of it and rules its panorama. It was turned into a park in 1876. It’s divided into three areas: two cemeteries and the park itself, with several viewpoints and many paths that cross the mountain in every possible direction. You can access

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Visit to Montreal – Points of interest16 Feb 2016

Visit to Montreal – Points of interest

Montreal was the last stage of our route through Canada. We stayed there only two days, but we had enough time to know some quarters and point of interests of the city. The travel by car from Tadoussac was longer than we expected, partly because another storm fell upon us and partly because of the traffic at the entrance of the city, so we arrived to the hotel half an hour late.

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Porvoo, a period village15 Dec 2015

Porvoo, a period village

Porvoo is a little village 50 km from Helsinki, and it’s the second oldest city in Finland. The old area of Porvoo still keeps an old ambient from ancient times, which has become this village a mandatory touristic visit. Besides, it’s located almost at the mouth of a river (Borgå, the “Castle River”). There is a large park in one the banks, just in front of the old city and their red painted wooden houses

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Ireland Travel Guide3 Oct 2013

Ireland Travel Guide

We spent one of our last summer holidays making a journey through Ireland which lasted more than 2 weeks. It was a route full of castles and abbeys, Celtic crosses, mysterious engraved stones, cliffs, prehistoric cemeteries, narrow roads and some traditional pubs. For the next days (and weeks) we’re going to write in Phylosoft about our particular Ireland travel guide, describing you our route, the points of interest that we visited and our thoughts and

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