Porvoo, a period village15 Dec 2015

Porvoo, a period village

Porvoo is a little village 50 km from Helsinki, and it’s the second oldest city in Finland. The old area of Porvoo still keeps an old ambient from ancient times, which has become this village a mandatory touristic visit. Besides, it’s located almost at the mouth of a river (Borgå, the “Castle River”). There is a large park in one the banks, just in front of the old city and their red painted wooden houses

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Walking in Helsinki11 Dec 2015

Walking in Helsinki

As you walk along the streets of Helsinki you’ll find images and situations that you’re not used to see (as it happens when you visit any other city or even at your own place). These images are remarkable because they seem to us different from our culture, funny or sudden.

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Going out in Helsinki9 Dec 2015

Going out in Helsinki

It’s easy to find places in Helsinki where to have a drink, because there are many cafes, pubs and bars to go to. It won’t be hard to find a place in the city center and in Kamppi and Punavuori neighbourhoods where to have a drink in a more or less relaxing ambient (that’s your choice).

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Kauppatori, the Market Square4 Dec 2015

Kauppatori, the Market Square

Kauppatori (the Market Square) is one of the main landmarks in Helsinki, without a doubt. It holds the most traditional and famous open air market of the city. You can see at the stands traditional specialties like wild berries, meat, salmon and fresh, smoked and dried fish, handicraft objects, furs and souvenirs.

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