Shopping in Finland28 Dec 2015

Shopping in Finland

You need to be well prepared if you want to stay almost isolated for a week in a cabin. If someone is thinking about living this experience (it’s highly recommendable), here are some tips and curiosities if your next destination is Finland.

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Environmental compromise in Finland23 Dec 2015

Environmental compromise in Finland

Another great difference between Spain and countries like Finland is the real compromise with the natural environment. You can notice it both in Helsinki and in the smallest or most isolated village, and even in the roads. Everything, absolutely everything, is really clean and tidy. Even the forests seem to be cleaned by someone (but the fact is they aren’t actually spoiled by anyone). And you can’t see anywhere ruins or abandoned places.

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Driving in Finland22 Dec 2015

Driving in Finland

During the week we spent in Finland we rented a car not only to arrive from Helsinki, but also to drive around the lake region and make some excursions. The cabins are pretty isolated; in fact ours was 1 km from the main path, which is 8 km from the road. I assure you, we traveled many kilometres and experimented well how the feel of driving in Finland is.

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Punkaharju Isthmus21 Dec 2015

Punkaharju Isthmus

Punkaharju Isthmus, North of the lake system of Saimaa, is a narrow stretch of land of 7 kms, which is formed by a hill range from the Glacial Age. It’s covered by forests and it’s one of the most known images from the Finnish lake region. It divides Puruvesi and Pihlajavesi lakes and offers excellent views and places to make a picnic or to swim.

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Savonlinna Castle18 Dec 2015

Savonlinna Castle

We made an excursion to Olavinlinna, the castle of Savonlinna, which is the most northerly in the world stone medieval fortress that states still in place. It’s build over a little granite island, in the enormous network of lakes in the region of Saimaa. It was founded in 1475 by a Danish knight with the purpose of reject the enemy attacks from the East. Through centuries the fortress changed hands several times between the Swedish

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