Savonlinna Castle18 Dec 2015

Savonlinna Castle

We made an excursion to Olavinlinna, the castle of Savonlinna, which is the most northerly in the world stone medieval fortress that states still in place. It’s build over a little granite island, in the enormous network of lakes in the region of Saimaa. It was founded in 1475 by a Danish knight with the purpose of reject the enemy attacks from the East. Through centuries the fortress changed hands several times between the Swedish

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Spiez Castle30 Apr 2015

Spiez Castle

After spending the morning at Blausee Lake we visited Spiez Castle. This is one of the most recognizable images of Thunersee Lake, besides Oberhofen. Both the castle and the Romanic chapel are built above a rocky peninsula with peak form which goes through the lake. It owes its name to this particular form, because Spitz means peak in German.

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Murten, a medieval village28 Apr 2015

Murten, a medieval village

Before we went to Bern, we stopped at Murten. This is a little and nice medieval village on the shores of Murtensee Lake (Lac de Morat, in French). The walled old town is really well conserved. The touristic area comprehends only three streets and the lake, and also the circuit around the stone wall.

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Oberhofen Castle24 Apr 2015

Oberhofen Castle

As we were going back to Interlaken after visiting Thun we stopped at Oberhofen. This is a little village on the shore of the lake Thunersee which outstands for its impressive castle. This is maybe one of the most picturesque places in this particular region in Switzerland, and the castle is really famous for its amazing medieval tower and the funny turret over the water.

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