Comte Beaches26 Dec 2013

Comte Beaches

Playas de Comte (Comte Beaches) is a group of sand coves separated by low cliffs on the East Coast of Ibiza, below San Antonio, and between Casa Bassa and Cala Tarida. You can reach it by a dirt road above the cliffs. From that point you can access by foot to different docking areas between the rocks and the sand coves. We stayed at the first we found. There weren’t many people and the sights

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Ibiza beaches from Cala Tarida to Cala Vedella24 Dec 2013

Ibiza beaches from Cala Tarida to Cala Vedella

We spent the second day visiting some coves and beaches in the Southwest of Ibiza: Cala Tarida, Cala Es Molí and Cala Vedella. They were much closer to the hotel and San Antonio. Normally when we look for a beach to have a good time our goal is to find one with a good entrance for the car, and where it’s easy to go inside and outside the water. It’s also important that you can

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