Vienna Travel Guide23 Feb 2016

Vienna Travel Guide

This is our travel diary about the quick trip that we made to Vienna in 2011 during Christmas time and the New Year coming. Vienna, the capital of Austria, keeps all the traces of an imperial city. It’s full of mansions turned to cafes, restaurants and shops, horse carriages for tourists and an ambient of luxury opposed to a huge amount of poor people begging for alms at many places in the city.

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How to arrive to Vienna24 Feb 2016

How to arrive to Vienna

There are several options to arrive to Vienna by bus or by train from the international airport, which is located 18 km away. The differences between each one are the price, the frequency, the speed of the travel and, of course, the place in Vienna where you want exactly to go.

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Transport in Vienna25 Feb 2016

Transport in Vienna

Vienna has an excellent public transport system. It consists of buses, trams and subways which service hours go more or less from 5.30 a. m. to midnight. The company that manages it is Wiener Linien. There are 22 night bus lines which depart every 30 minutes between 12 p. m. to 5 a. m., and the metro lines work 24 hours a day during the weekend. More precisely Friday and Saturday nights and the night before

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Eating in Vienna25 Feb 2016

Eating in Vienna

Before visiting the city, I thought that Vienna would be an expensive place to eat. And the truth is that there are many options for every budget. It’s easy to find restaurants and cafes where you can have menus with prices between 10 and 15 €, and you can even have breakfast in a real palace for 5 or 6 €. It’s common to find in the middle of the most crowded streets (by tourists

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Music in Vienna26 Feb 2016

Music in Vienna

Vienna is classical music’s world capital: Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra, Vienna Boys’ Choir and the worldwide broadcasted New Year’s Concert are good examples of this. Vienna has some of the best concert halls all over the world, (like the National Opera and Musikverin Golden Hall) and it’s said that here lived more famous composers than anywhere in the world. You’ll find Mozart in almost every corner of the city, and he even has his own cake and

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