Montreux, on the shores of Lac Léman14 Apr 2015

Montreux, on the shores of Lac Léman

Montreaux, on the shores of Léman Lake, was our first stop in Swiss land. Geneva was too big to visit in a couple of hours, so we went to Montreux instead. We were also tired after some hours of driving and we had to arrive yet to the cabin. Besides we read in some travel forums that Geneva is a very big, massified and artificial city. On the other hand Montreux has a great incentive:

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Aare Gorge (Aareschlucht)15 Apr 2015

Aare Gorge (Aareschlucht)

Our first excursion in Switerzland was in the Aare River Gorge (Aareschlucht), which is only a few kilometers from Interlaken, where we were staying. It’s a canyon 1,4 km long between two enormous stone blocks of 200 meters height. The minimum width at some points of the path is less than 1 m.

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Walking in Lucerne16 Apr 2015

Walking in Lucerne

In the afternoon, after visiting Aare Gorge, we went to Lucerne to walk in the old town and to visit its two famous wooden bridges. The weather wasn’t good and it rained from time to time, which spoiled a bit our promenade. We wished to stay longer in this city, but we had to come back to Interlaken.

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Rhone Glacier – Rhonegletscher17 Apr 2015

Rhone Glacier – Rhonegletscher

The Rhone Glacier, and its impressive ice cave, is one of the essential points in the Route of the Three Mountain Passes, which we’ll talk about later. The Rhone Glacier is one of the biggest in the Alps and it’s the main water source of Rhone River, which runs into Leman Lake. The mountain that can be seen above it is the Dammastock, with 3.630 m. of height.

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