Helsinki Travel Guide1 Dec 2015

Helsinki Travel Guide

We’ve made a 10-day travel to Finland (Suomi) during our holidays. We looked for a lot of information, but we finally didn’t choose any tour package. Instead we contacted with many companies and scheduled our journey step by step. Finland is a significantly big country (more than the half size of Spain) where Finnish is mainly spoken (94% of the population) and Swedish as well (6%), although many speak English perfectly. The euro is the

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Public transport in Helsinki2 Dec 2015

Public transport in Helsinki

When you’re planning a visit to a city it’s very important to think about how you’re going to move inside it. In the case of Helsinki (a Northern Europe city and capitol of Finland, one of the most secure countries in the world) there’s no doubt: the public transport.

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Kauppatori, the Market Square4 Dec 2015

Kauppatori, the Market Square

Kauppatori (the Market Square) is one of the main landmarks in Helsinki, without a doubt. It holds the most traditional and famous open air market of the city. You can see at the stands traditional specialties like wild berries, meat, salmon and fresh, smoked and dried fish, handicraft objects, furs and souvenirs.

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