Canada Travel Guide2 Feb 2016

Canada Travel Guide

For the last weeks we’ve been travelling by Canada, enjoying a journey through one of the many corners of this enormous country (the second by size in the world) that could last months just beginning to discover it. And now, as usual, we’ll describe for the next weeks a Canada “tour guide”, with places to visit, pics, tips, hotels and, for the first time, some videos of the places we’ve visited.

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Visit to Toronto, day 13 Feb 2016

Visit to Toronto, day 1

Two days are too few to know a city like Toronto, the largest in Canada, but enough to get an idea of what a great North American city is. It’s remarkable the greatness of the skyscrapers in the financial district, and the differentiation between neighbourhoods depending on the origin of the people (like the Chinese, Italian or Latin quarters). We could also visit some of the most important points of interest of the capital of

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Visit to Toronto, the CN Tower4 Feb 2016

Visit to Toronto, the CN Tower

In our second day in Toronto we visited one of the essential places of the city: the CN Tower. This is the second highest tower of its class in the entire world, (553 meter high) and it has a scenic view at 447 meters high, the Skypod, the highest in the world open to the public. There’s another scenic view “only” at 346 meters. We can access to both of them from any of the outer

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Visit to Toronto, day 24 Feb 2016

Visit to Toronto, day 2

The second day in Toronto began a bit cloudy. We decided to see some other points of the city, like the CN Tower we wrote about the other day. After having breakfast in the hotel, we started the morning going to see the Toronto “beaches” that, luckily, were almost empty (it was a cloudy and working day) and we carried on enjoying the richness of this natural environment. During half an hour we saw ducks,

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Journey to Niagara Falls5 Feb 2016

Journey to Niagara Falls

If you are in East Canada, going to Niagara Falls is almost required. Since we planned the trip we decided that this unique place had to be present in our route, so after two days in Toronto we headed Niagara Falls (Canadian side). To be truthful, around both sides (Canadian and American) of Niagara Falls there is some kind of “mini” Las Vegas, and it’s said that’s even more excessive on the American side. In

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