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Mammals and birds in Algonquin, Canada

According to the guides, in Algonquin Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada) and its surroundings live about 50 species of mammals, 130 of birds and 30 of reptiles.

Some of the mammals are really big-sized, like black bears, elks, deers, beavers and wolves. And some of them are more or less easy to watch: everywhere you go you’ll be told that you’ll see elks. We shouldn’t have much luck, because we didn’t see any, despite we traveled many kilometres by main and secondary roads and forest tracks at different hours (it’s said that the best moment is at dawn).

We were surprised by the amount of different birds we saw. Besides the diverse kind of crows we saw in every road, we saw prey birds flying above us (eagles, hawks and vultures), we saw ducks in the lakes and some loons, and we heard all the time the clatter of the woodpeckers.

The loons deserve special attention, because they are true Canadian icons. In fact, the 1$ coin in Canada is called loonie, and the obverse is engraved with a picture of one of these birds. You can see an example of a loon in the picture above.

It’s also pretty easy to see beaver dams in rivers and lakes. You can see them from the road and as you row in a kayak or a canoe. As I wrote in older posts, what we saw the most were squirrels and if you are a bit patient, you can even feed them with your hand.

On the road we saw (in order or dangerousness) a black bear (not very big, it ran away when it saw the car), a red deer (it stayed in front of us a bit more but it ran away too after some photos), a rabbit, a ruffed grouse and a pair of “fishers”, bear-alike animals but with a longer tails, crossing the road at full speed.

At night, from the cabin we heard the distant howl of the wolves, the chant of the loons and the croak of the frogs (but we didn’t see any).

Here are some photos from some of the animals we saw during our walks and excursions that didn’t ran away in front of us and our cameras. In order of appearance (from left to right and from top to bottom): a red deer, a loon, an eastern squirrel, a red squirrel, a couple of woodpeckers, a flock of ducks, a wide winged eagle, a turkey buzzard, a ruffed grouse, a robin, a butterfly and a snake.

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