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Journey to Niagara Falls

If you are in East Canada, going to Niagara Falls is almost required. Since we planned the trip we decided that this unique place had to be present in our route, so after two days in Toronto we headed Niagara Falls (Canadian side).

To be truthful, around both sides (Canadian and American) of Niagara Falls there is some kind of “mini” Las Vegas, and it’s said that’s even more excessive on the American side. In Canadian Niagara there is a street full of attractions like a big wheel, some wax museums, a house of horrors, cinema museums, a record Guinness museum and plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops.

But let’s put aside the commercial aspect. Niagara Falls is a true spectacle, worthy to contemplate for hours. To achieve this goal you should reserve a room in some of the hotels that guarantees the best sights of the falls.

We were very lucky with our hotel, “Sheraton on the Falls”, where we stayed at a room in the 18th floor with some real incredible sights over the two falls, the so-called Horseshoe, which serves as the frontier between USA and Canada.

There are some activities that can be done at Niagara Falls, besides staring at the endless and deafening water fall, and most of them are related to this spectacle. Many guides highlight two of them: “Maid of the Mist” and “Journey behind the Falls”, so we tried both.

Since we had again a rainy day, we did first the activity called “Journey behind the Falls”. It’s about walking a route through a 200 meter tunnel digged under the Horseshoe Fall. With your ticket you get a raincoat, and the journey begins at a platform with two scenic view balconies at different heights (after going down in an elevator), where you have the feeling of being almost under the water fall. You get really wet down there, so we couldn’t take many photos with the camera.

In the tunnel there are some information boards explaining the characteristics of the falls and the building process of the tunnel, and it has two picture windows digged until the edge of the cliff, from which you can see the permanent falling water curtain.


Tickets: 11,25$
Opening hours:Summer from 9am to 10pm, winter from 9am to 5pm
Address: 6650 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, Ontario
GPS Coordinates: 43.079252, -79.079064
More information: Journey Behind the Falls

It seemed that the sun wanted to go out, so after finishing the first journey we headed to “Maid of the Mist”. It’s one of the middle-sized ships that travel by the river to the two falls, reaching the center of Horseshoe’s “steam cloud”. You can’t go so far in the other fall because it has many rocks in the riverbed. It’s really exciting to be so close to the fall and see nothing beyond a few meters away, due to the huge amount of water drops floating in the air.

Literally you end up dripping water (you get here a raincoat too), and of course, if you want to save your camera, you better keep it inside your bag.


Tickets: 28,80$
Opening hours:Depend on season and weather (check their website)
Address: 5920 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, Ontario
GPS Coordinates: 43.087884, -79.072878
More information: Maid of the Mist

If you want to know the rest of journeys and the present prices, I recommend you to visit the Niagara Parks website. This is the company who manages the attractions in this area, and you’ll find there all the information you need.

The Niagara Peninsula is also famous for its vineyards and the Ice Wine made from frozen grapes. There are many wine cellars (although we didn’t visit them) and a little picturesque (and expensive) village called Niagara on the Lake, where we stayed a while, full of little houses and lovely shops. It all was very clean and tidy, and ready for you to spend a fortune.

Some pics from the falls and the attractions street:

Niagara Falls, HorseshoeNiagara Falls at Night #02Empire State and King Kong in NiagaraWax Museum in NiagaraCastle Dracula - Niagara

You can also watch the time lapse we did that contains several sets of Niagara Falls sequences, both day and night. It takes 2 and a half minutes (no sound). I suggest you look up at the end do not miss the best views.

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