Florence Travel Guide1 Feb 2016

Florence Travel Guide

Last Christmas holidays we made a one-week travel to Florence, where we visited the main points of interest of the capitol city of Tuscany. We also made some routes by car in order to visit some other places in this region like Siena, Pisa and Vinci, among others.

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Excursion to Siena16 Mar 2015

Excursion to Siena

Siena is the second mandatory excursion you should make if you go to Florence. This city was declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1995 and it’s 75 km South from Florence. If the weather is good we suggest you to go even further in order to visit San Gimignano (Middle Age’s Manhattan) and Monteriggioni (a little and nice walled village). The trace of the Middle Age will be present all the day during this

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Excursion to Pisa15 Mar 2015

Excursion to Pisa

Pisa, home of the famous Leaning Tower, is more or less one hour by car from Florence. That makes it a very attractive destination for a one-day trip. If you also want to know something else about Leonardo da Vinci, you should go to the Leonardo Museum that we talked about in the last post. If you haven’t been to Pisa yet, maybe you’ll find a good surprise. Thinking about Pisa is thinking about its

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Leonardo Museum, Vinci14 Mar 2015

Leonardo Museum, Vinci

Vinci is about 45 km from Florence (in direction to Pisa). This place holds the last museum we visited, about the genius Leonardo da Vinci. There’s another similar museum in Florence, but at the tourism office they recommended us to visit this one in Vinci. And that’s what we did. Vinci is a very little village and its historical centre is closed to the traffic, so you have to leave the car in the surroundings

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Galileo Museum13 Mar 2015

Galileo Museum

Galileo Galilei Museum is an essential place in Florence for everyone passionate about navigation, astronomy, physics, medicine and any other science. It’s also suitable for curious people or for amateur or professional inventors. It’s very close to Ufizzi Gallery, but this museum is pretty less crowded. This is the only place in the world where the gadgets made by Galileo are kept. Here we can see complete scientific collections from the Houses of Medici and

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