Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"
    Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"
    Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"
    Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"
    Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"
    Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"
    Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"
    Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"
    Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"
    Travel diaries
    "the day to day experience of our trips"

We are two spanish travelers, living in Barcelona.
We enjoy travelling around the world and writing about our trips (in spanish).
Here you'll find our work translated into English by our partners.


We think that there is a gap between the “big and expensive” travel guides, with lots of information that you will not need during a normal trip to the city or country they cover.

We try to fill this gap with our travel diaries. They are shorter and cheaper, very focused on the points of interest to visit, on how to do it and with tips that can be useful for you.

We hope that you find our travel guides interesting and useful. And don’t forget to let us know!

Jorge Mir

Jorge Mir

Engineer, blogger, traveler and writer

Original works published in Spanish. Actually we have 10 travel diaries in 4 languages.



Pablo García Caño

Pablo García Caño

Journalist and Community Manager
Pablo helped me to translate our Travel Guides into English: Florence, Helsinki, Madeira, Switzerland, … all of them.




Christian Riggio

Programmatore e traduttore
Christian mi ha aiutato a tradurre alcune delle Guide di viaggio in italiano: Firenze, Helsinki, Ibiza, Madeira, Svizzera e Venezia.




Anna Vinci

Traduttrice e blogger
Anna mi ha aiutato a tradurre alcune delle Guide di viaggio in italiano: Canada, Carcassona, Irlanda e Vienna.



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4 Mar 2016

South Coast of Madeira

As we went for a ride by car we found some places in the South coast which deserve particular attention: the cliff of CaboGirão and its thrilling viewpoint, the giant statue of Jesus Christ in Garajau... It's also the recommended one by the islanders to see the sunsets, and there are a lot of little and peaceful fishing towns, like Câmara de Lobos and Ribeira Brava. ...

3 Mar 2016

Visit to Funchal

During the travel we stayed in Funchal, the capitol city. In this post you'll learn what places you simply can't miss if you come here. Funchal is a little city although it has grown in the last years, especially in the suburbs area. It has a strong colonial look, as can be seen in the buildings of the old area of the city. There are also a lot of well preserved parks and gardens, where ...

3 Mar 2016

Madeira Travel Guide

Last holidays we made a one week travel to Madeira, which is a surprising, full of contrasts Portuguese island. It's plenty of mountains, so here it's perfectly normal to go from the ocean shore to the laurissilva forests just in a few kilometers. We rented a car to avoid the touristic areas and not to depend on the scheduled excursions, so we could better discover the island. ...

2 Mar 2016

Vienna. Itinerary day 6

We began our last morning in Vienna having some breakfast at Café Central, and after that we visited Minoritenkirche (the Franciscan Church) and we came back to Jesuit Church (Vienna. Itinerary day 4. New Year’s Eve) to see it better in the daylight. During the walk we found another two churches: the Scottish (Schottenstift) and the Dominican Church (Dominikanerkirche). ...

1 Mar 2016

Vienna. Itinerary day 5

On New Year’s Day every nation in the world looks to Vienna and its famous New Year’s Concert. The tickets are only available for a few and they become sold out the same day that can be bought, many months before the event. But the concert can be watched in giant screens at the City Hall square (Rathaus) and it’s repeated several times during the day. ...

1 Mar 2016

Vienna. Itinerary day 4

We spent our fourth day in Vienna visiting the Belvedere complex, which is formed by two palaces: Higher Belvedere (located at a hill) and Lower Belvedere, divided by large gardens. We also walked a little by the Stardpark Park and the famous Prater, before getting ready for the End of the Year. ...

29 Feb 2016

Vienna. Itinerary day 3

During our third day in Vienna we continued slowly walking the city. We started in Opernring (one of the streets that surround the city) and Karlsplatz, where we saw St. Charles Borromeo’s Church and the Secession building. Then we went down to Vienna Opera and Hotel Sacher and we headed to Hofburg Imperial Palace, after seeing Albertina Museum and the Butterfly House. ...

28 Feb 2016

Vienna. Itinerary day 2

We spent our second day in Vienna visiting monumental buildings and walking in the city. We began going to the furthest point: Schömbrunn Palace. Then we came back to the historic centre, where we saw St. Stephen’s Cathedral, St. Peter’s Church and the Plague Column, among other places. ...

27 Feb 2016

Vienna. Itinerary day 1

We arrived to Vienna airport in the afternoon and, after picking the luggage, we took the CAT (City Airport Train) which left us very close to the hotel where we stayed, near Stadtpark Park. After doing the check-in at the hotel and resting a bit in our room, we decided to spend our first afternoon walking aimlessly, just to have a first contact with the city. ...

26 Feb 2016

Music in Vienna

Vienna is classical music’s world capital: Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra, Vienna Boys’ Choir and the worldwide broadcasted New Year’s Concert are good examples of this. Vienna has some of the best concert halls all over the world, (like the National Opera and Musikverin Golden Hall) and it’s said that here lived more famous composers than anywhere in the world. You’ll find Mozart in almost every corner of the city, and he even has his own cake and ...

25 Feb 2016

Eating in Vienna

Before visiting the city, I thought that Vienna would be an expensive place to eat. And the truth is that there are many options for every budget. It’s easy to find restaurants and cafes where you can have menus with prices between 10 and 15 €, and you can even have breakfast in a real palace for 5 or 6 €. It’s common to find in the middle of the most crowded streets (by tourists ...

25 Feb 2016

Transport in Vienna

Vienna has an excellent public transport system. It consists of buses, trams and subways which service hours go more or less from 5.30 a. m. to midnight. The company that manages it is Wiener Linien. There are 22 night bus lines which depart every 30 minutes between 12 p. m. to 5 a. m., and the metro lines work 24 hours a day during the weekend. More precisely Friday and Saturday nights and the night before ...

24 Feb 2016

How to arrive to Vienna

There are several options to arrive to Vienna by bus or by train from the international airport, which is located 18 km away. The differences between each one are the price, the frequency, the speed of the travel and, of course, the place in Vienna where you want exactly to go. ...

23 Feb 2016

Vienna Travel Guide

This is our travel diary about the quick trip that we made to Vienna in 2011 during Christmas time and the New Year coming. Vienna, the capital of Austria, keeps all the traces of an imperial city. It’s full of mansions turned to cafes, restaurants and shops, horse carriages for tourists and an ambient of luxury opposed to a huge amount of poor people begging for alms at many places in the city. ...

15 Jul 2014

Porto da Cruz

We were in Porto da Cruz a couple of times during our stay in Madeira. It has a beautiful route around a little hill which surrounds the sea, and also two natural beaches and a little sea water pool (not as big as Porto Moniz, but much more peaceful). If you walk in the village you’ll find some points of interest, like a sugar factory that’s been working since 1926, the winery of “vinho seco ...

14 Jul 2014

Pico do Arieiro

Pico do Areiro is another excursion you simply cannot miss. This is the third highest mountain of the island (1818 m above the sea level). The whole excursion is, in fact, made by car until the viewpoint at the top. The landscapes along all the way force you to stop several times to see them slowly.   ...

11 Jul 2014

Praia do Ribeira do Faial

We continued visiting the North East coast of Madeira, and after the walk in levada do Caldeirão Verde we went to the beach of Ribera do Faial. It’s another urbanized beach, but this time the bathing area is not as spectacular as Porto Moniz. The complex has a beach, a restaurant and a sport area with every service you may need, but this place is less known and much more peaceful. You can also see ...

10 Jul 2014

Levada do Caldeirão Verde

The second levada we walked in during our journey was Caldeirão Verde. It is 6,5 km long and it goes in parallel to one ditch in the North of the island. The starting point of the route is 4 or 5 km from the village of Santana, where there are indicators. There’s not much free space in the parking area, so it’s recommendable to arrive soon or to be ready for leaving the car parked ...

9 Jul 2014

Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz is a little village in the North West coast of Madeira. It’s very famous for its natural pools, which are well conditioned for tourists and residents. Madeira has volcanic origins and the coastal area of Porto Moniz has some strange volcanic formations above the water. With a little human work these natural formations have become peaceful sea water pools. ...

8 Jul 2014

Ponta de Sao Lourenço

Ponta de Sao Lourenço is the cape furthest south of Madeira, from where on a sunny day you can see the neighbor island of Porto Santo. We visited this place one afternoon during our routes by car in Madeira. Most of the island is surprising for the amount of dense and wet tropical vegetation. However, the area of Ponta de Sao Lourenço remembers much more the volcanic origins of the island, and it seems like ...

4 Jul 2014

Levada dos Balcões

The famous “levadas”, where you’ll discover laurissilva forests and the local flora, are another surprise waiting for any nature lover. We walked along two levadas: Balcões and Caldeirão Verde. We’ll talk about the first one in this post, and the other one will be explained later. The levadas are the ways build for the water in the island. They are almost entirely plain sidewalks built along the ditch network which let the visitors comfortably walk ...

3 Jul 2014

Restaurants in Madeira

In Madeira, we could enjoy the rich cookery of the island, too. You can eat really, really well at a very good price, and the local products (meat, fish and fruits) have a great quality. The restaurants here are very surprising for many reasons: the quality of the food, the kindness of the waiters and the excellent price-quality relation. It's very easy to find a restaurant where you can order a menu with two dishes ...

4 Mar 2014

Carcassonne – Route by car #2

It’s an excursion of 140 km of distance that we made in a single day, and we visited 4 landmarks of the Catharist country. However you can modify the itinerary if you want to see some other points of interest like Limoux, because you won’t walk many more kilometres anyway. We left Carcassonne by the R6113 road and we headed to Lagrasse (our first stage). Shortly after that we took the D111 road, and then ...

3 Mar 2014

Carcassonne – Route by car #1

It’s an excursion of 70 km. that can be completed easily in a single day. It covers 3 basic travel stages: Lastours Castles, Cabrespine Cave and Caunnes-Minervois Abbey. It’s also very easy to deviate from the main path if you want to see some little charming villages, like Roquefère. ...

11 Feb 2014

Carcassonne – The Citadel

Carcassonne is the capitol city of Aude Department in France. We had read that you have enough time in a single day to visit La Cité, but I have to say that that’s not true. It’s really worthy to walk slowly in this medieval jewel, in order to admire how well maintained and clean it is, and the unexpected places that you’ll find. We spent a long time every day inside La Cité, besides the ...

9 Feb 2014

Route Barcelona – Carcassonne

In order to make better use of the time we decided to arrive to Carcassonne from Barcelona without driving any main road, so we could make some of the planned visits. When we arrived to France and after going for a while to Perpignan, we turned to Trouillas, Thuir, Estagel and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet. To visit Les Gorges de Galamus (our first target) from Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet you must take the D7 road, which goes to Bugarach. ...

6 Feb 2014

Carcassonne Travel Guide

For a long time we wanted to travel to Carcassonne, and this feeling got a boost after we read two books about the Cathars (Labyrinth from Kate Mosse and The blood of innocents from Julia Navarro). So we took the plunge and headed there, after finding some information and a cheap hotel. ...

7 Sep 2016

Top Drink Festivals to Visit In Europe This Fall

Oktoberfest, Munich The end of September can only herald one thing. Not the beginning of October but the beginning of Oktoberfest. It is a time for dressing up and drinking lots of beer. The festival actually starts in September (the 17th this year) and is known for its strong traditions. ...

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